COP TALK: True Detective Stories from the NYPD

E. W. Count’s COP TALK captures all the violence, imagination, frustration and dark humor of police detectives making cases. I enjoyed every page.”
-Mark Baker, author of COPS and D.A.

E. W. Count is a great reporter of the mean streets. COP TALK is the real McCoy!”
-Barbara D’Amato, co-author of FOOLPROOF

“NYPD true! E. W. Count got real cops to teU their real stories for her eye-opening tour of the treacherous and astonishingly varied worlds of New York City police detectives. A ground-breaking book that positively crackles with authenticity.”
-Philip Friedman, author of INADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE

COP TALK might be the definitive anthology on the famous cases that NYPD detectives talk about to each other. Dynamite reading.”
-NYPD Detective Captain Dan Mahoney (ret.) author of JUSTICE

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